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"'I am peculiar, compact with no spare parts included,' announces Erin Lynn Marsh in the opening poem of Disability Isn't Sexy," and from this to the last line of the collection, her intimate, occasionally undersea poems inhabit a space poised between confidence and longing, vulnerability and power. Marsh's embodied experience of the world is set forth in lyric forms that explore how attraction and dis/connection intersect with difference. A distinctive debut."

PAULA CISEWSKI, winner of the Diode Editions Book Prize

"Calling upon her body, imprinted with a 'matching tangle of scars/at the hips,' as the shamanic source of this powerful first collections of poems, Erin Lynn Marsh invites us to access within ourselves the truth that [disabled] lives matter. Her poems are transformational invitations, stripped bare, openings to reflect upon and consider a re/visioning mythos of essential and common humanity. Disability Isn't Sexy is passionate, hot-blooded and courageous, yet never without connection to sea and stars from which all sentient life comes."

JIM COHN, Museum of American Poetics

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