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Erin Lynn Marsh is the author of two poetry collections:
Disability Isn't Sexy and I May Never Be Able to Stop Writing Love Poems



Erin Lynn Marsh is  the author of the poetry collection Disability Isn't Sexy (Jules' Poetry Playhouse Publications, 2019). Her poems have appeared in Post Road Magazine, Sugar House Review, Paper Darts, Emry's Journal, Hers: Poets Speak (while we still can), Vol. 2. (Beatlik Press and Jules' Poetry Playhouse Publications, 2017), edited by Jules Nyquist. She lives and works in Bemidji, MN.



You are matched to another,

who, at night, carefully

removes clear, nylon fishing line,

lays beside the pieces of you

without need to hold them together --

touches you whole, dreams

you free of strings.

- from Portrait of Crippled Poet as Woman

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