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The Small Town Poet

Updated: Jun 8

Welcome to my blog, The Small Town Poet!

When I left my hometown of Bemidji, MN for college nearly thirty years ago, I was ready to break free from a place I saw as suffocating and terribly provincial. There was no writing or creative community, as far as I knew, and I thought that nothing cultural happened in this town. I went to college and then moved to Minneapolis after graduation, where I leaned into the writing life. I went to lots of readings, met with other writers, and even started graduate school to earn my MFA in Creative Writing.

Eleven or twelve years ago I moved back to Bemidji, where my entire immediate family lives. I worried that I was moving to a cultural wasteland where I would never find other poets, writers, or creative folk. I soon learned that Bemidji has a very active arts community, including more than a few poets, and support/funding for those with creative pursuits. But there are still fewer opportunities and events than when I lived in a large city, so I find myself looking for new ideas and inspiration to keep me in the head space I need to be in to write poetry.

I am launching this blog in hopes of helping other small town creatives to be as inspired and engaged with the world around them as our big city counterparts. This space will be used to give writing prompts, gather resources, and talk with other creative people about what keeps them inspired and productive. I hope to post at least once a week and to interview one creative person per month. I am excited to see where this blog takes me!


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